Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Day the Buick Died....

We have this conversation weekly at our house. "Mom, when are we going to get a new car?" Response, baby, you are our new car but you are so worth it that we don't mind sacrificing and being content driving older cars. That is until one DIES; really, I had to drive nearly 40 minutes to pick hubby up on the roadside this evening because our Buick DIED. Pray for us tomorrow as our mechanic diagnoses the problem but I have a feeling that it is not going to be good news - it left an oil puddle - more like an oil pool on the side of 485 this evening - poor thing has served us well and is the most comfortable car we have ever owned. I pray her days of service are not over but we will see....

I hear parents say often that they need to withdraw their child from our private Christian school because they need a new car....I always think - yes, so do we.....but it is so worth the financial sacrifice that we make to have our son in private Christian school that we are content to drive those older cars. We will do whatever it takes to have him in a school that teaches biblical worldview.

We have learned that when bad things happen - they could always be worse and we try to let that always be our focus in the midst of all circumstances. I was so proud of my hubby for having a positive outlook on the whole situation today. (not his normal reaction but he is still growing too)Even though we could use newer cars, a larger home and MORE money, we have learned to be content and trust that God will remain faithful to us because we have committed to be faithful to HIM. But in the meantime, say a prayer for the old Buick...my hubby loves that car and I do hope she survives her flood.....

I will keep you posted -


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Candlelight Family Dinner, please....

I have noticed lately that my seven year old appears to be setting a record for growth. I must admit when I look at him, I do have a tendency to forget that he has only been walking and talking for about 5 1/2 years. We expect so much of children today. We expect them to run the busy schedules of over taxed adults and rise to our ever-increasing demands to read and write ahead of others. Sadly, we feel that if we don't expose our children to as much extra-curricular activities as we can, then they are missing out on too many opportunities to learn. Trust me, I am just as guilty as the next parent but I must admit that I am really looking to scale back in the next year.

Our son would rather stay home than do anything else. When we returned from family vacation this summer, he said "Guys, it sure is good to be back home. I had fun but I missed this place." He LOVES staying home and would prefer to do so over a trip to Chuck E. Cheese - well, he would take a rain check on that one and cash it in at a later date. But for today, he would choose to stay at home.

I thought it was precious last night when I was just putting the finishing touches on my spaghetti sauce for dinner, he entered the kitchen and said, "Mom, may I set the table for a nice family dinner?" I said, "Sure." And then he added, "Is it okay with you, if I turn off the TV?" I said, "Sure," and then he added, "Can we light some candles?"

Now, I must admit by this time, I was thinking about how someday some lucky little princess is going to be so blessed to marry my little handsome prince - but you see, I was tired - my gut instinct was to say, "No, maybe next time, because I really didn't feel like digging out fresh candles." But then I was able to fast forward to a day not so far away that he will probably complain about having to eat dinner with us, and I savored the moment and said, "Let's do that....that would be nice."

As I reflected on this, I realize how secure he must feel knowing that his mom and dad really love one another and how secure he must feel to know that our home is built on the foundation of Christ. Not to mention, how secure he must have felt in helping put together a special moment for our family.

Folks, our children are only this age one time - no matter how tired or busy we are....we can't afford to not do it right. May we all be reminded of that today.

Praying for you and your family,


Monday, October 22, 2007

Finally, a day off....

I can't complain. To have a full time job I have one of the best schedules out there...but I must tell you it was a LONG stretch to get to this break today. I have fought the urge to raise the windows to let the crisp fall air in and sleep on the sofa. Instead, I am about to sort through piles of fall and winter clothing.

I am determined to get something accomplished today. Why do we moms feel such a sense of urgency to complete things on the to do list? I guess that is just who we are, isn't it ladies? Well, I just wanted to check in with you - I promise to post something a little more on the spiritual side later I am in the middle of a FANTASTIC small group study that I can't wait to share with you. I promise to do so soon.

Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are you in touch?

Today, we are more connected to the world than ever before....we call each other often due to cell phones, we record our favorite shows with Tivo to view at our convenience - I have even recently watched a few episodes of Dancing with the Stars on abc.com. Thanks to new laptops that our school staff received this year, I find myself checking my email five and six times a day at school. And here I am, blogging after a long day at school in order to stay connected with you. I have missed you.

Never before have we had such an opportunity to stay in touch...yet why are so many people lonely, so many spouses disconnected and so many families that spend so little time in meaningful conversation each day? And how is it that we can blog, chat on the cell phone, email one another, yet neglect to spend time each day with Him?

He's never too busy for us. But we drown Him out with or computers, ipods, tivos, DVRs and cell phones. He is still there - ready to provide direction, comfort and companionship. He promises in John 10:27: My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me."

May you be reminded by this entry that you are precious to Him. Quiet your spirit and listen to Him today. He is waiting on you and me.

Seek Him first,


Friday, October 5, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

Boy, do I miss blogging but Life in the Fast Lane is not affording me a lot of time to sit , soak it in, reflect and write. With hubby and I both being teachers, we are fortunate to have a lot of seasonal downtime. However, when we are in the school mode - we are moving and grooving and there is just not a lot of time for extra stuff.

We stay on the go. Hubby is taking a few classes and is in school many evenings throughout the week. That leaves me to run the errands. Our child is involved in gymnastics, tae kwan do and swim club. Yes, I know that it is a lot but as on OC (only child) I do what I can to keep him on the go and interacting with other children. We are seriously cutting two of those activities next year in exchange for guitar lessons, which PTL can be given during the school day. But for now, I will continue to shuffle him form one activity to the other in my taxi.

He is growing so fast this year. He is really developing a fantastic sense of humor. It is a treasure to be able to slow down and listen to his second grade jokes and celebrate what he is learning about the Lord this year. We moms guilt ourselves out of so much; many days I feel that other peoples kids get the most from me and my baby draws from the leftovers. But I guess it is that way with all of us - we give so much at the "office" that it is hard to "muster up" enough energy for home. But we have too....that time passes by too quickly.

It was so touching to see hubby sit down at the table last night and play Monopoly with our child while I was away leading a small Bible study group in someone else's home. Our child treasures those moments - not to mention that he delighted in beating his father in the game.

Laundry, dishes, and the remnants of their game of Monopoly on my dining room table await me. (and since turning 40, I have truly accepted that they can wait until I have a moment to do something about them.) As for now, I am going to enjoy being with my family.

Have a great weekend. I will develop a more spiritual post soon...after reading other blogs today from busy moms, I was in the mood to share on a personal level today.