Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

So have you spent anytime thinking about why you are thankful? I certainly have today. Our son fell (racing downhill in a wagon) at a friend's house yesterday and had to get stitches yesterday. While it was not nearly as bad as it could have been, he did have to get five stitches in the back of his noggin'. (and if you know anything about head injuries...they bleed profusely). It wasn't nearly as bad as it appeared when we first saw him at the ER. You know, I am one to savor the moment anyway, but it takes a jolt sometimes to remind you of just how precious life is. We are so thankful that it wasn't worse and we are also thankful for the support of friends. (like the one that comforted and prayed with my son yesterday and drove him to the ER with two other seven year olds and a toddler in tow).

I am so thankful for the time that I have had with my son. As a teacher, I have a wonderful schedule. Tonight, we parked outside a pet shop and stood peering into the windows - watching kittens play. We giggled together and laughed as they tumbled over one another. And then it happened: "Mom, when can we get one?" Response: "When you grow up and get your own place, I promise to buy you one of your own. It will be my grandkitty - until then just think about what kind you want!" (Now for all of you cat lovers out there....I am not unreasonable...I feed the neighbor's cat instead of owning one....which with the costs of owning a pet these days...I feel that is a sensible thing to do.)

Back to thanksgiving - I have so much to be grateful for: a wonderful Savior, a terrific spouse, a super seven year old, supportive and generous parents and MIL, great Christian friends, a fabulous job, the opportunity to share Jesus with His little ones everyday, fantastic bloggin' buddies like you, a warm bed to sleep in, a comfortable home, and choices. We live in a country where we don't have to worry about IF we will eat - but we have a gazillion choices as to WHAT we will eat each day - and what we will do to entertain ourselves and how we will spend our money and time. I am so thankful for what God has given me and I pray that tomorrow will be a day for you to bask in the glow of HIS goodness. Happy Thanksgiving.

Until next time.....


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hold Your Applause....It Is My 50th Post!

50 Fascinating or Not so Fascinating Things About Me
1. I married my high school sweetheart after dating him for seven and a half years!
2. For years, I never thought I wanted to have a child. (If you are reading this and have a child in my classroom - don't panic) I was crazy!
3. I am the baby in the family.
4. I have never broken a bone! (not yet)
5. Although I love to laugh, I HATE being the center of attention on a stage in front of people.
6. The thought of speaking in public gives me the willies but I survive every time.
7. I am TERRIFIED of snakes!
8. I love to shop and go to a restaurant ALONE!
9. I enjoy leading Bible study but get nervous each time I have to do it.
10. I love to read Nicholas Sparks books.
11. I put a Christmas tree in every room at Christmas - even the bathrooms.
12. I still believe in Santa!
13. I gave my heart to Jesus when I was ten years old. Best decision I have ever made.
14. I LOVE my job!
15. My husband and I seldom argue - I have tried - but he won't argue!
16. I used to be a majorette! (I know - many pounds ago!)
17. I once cooked and served dinner to Two or More at my home.
18. I love me some good ole' southern gospel.
19. Thanks to a Godly grandmother, I was raised Pentecostal Baptist!
20. My husband and I relocated here to do youth ministry.
21. I almost never learned to ride a bike without training wheels.
22. I did not have a single cavity until I was 28 - then I had four - YIKES.
23.Despite my husband's efforts, I never learned to drive a straight drive.
24. I LOVE TO WATCH PEOPLE FALL! - I know that is evil but I cannot help myself.
25. I despise watching The Three Stooges.
26. I do not like to hear people smack, sniff or blow their noses.
27. I have a terrible habit of interrupting - I am just so passionate about my ideas I cannot bite my tongue.
28. I love to sleep on the couch.
29. I love sleeping on clean sheets with a high thread count and a sun dried quilt!
30. I cry easily at church - every week, my son says "Mom, are you crying again?"
31. I also cry every time I watch Extreme Home Makeovers.
32. I LOVE Clean House and What Not to Wear.
33. I HATE wearing a coat - if you see me in one, you know that it is VERY COLD outside.
34. If I am hot, I take off my socks to get cool. Weird I know!
35. DOVE chocolate is the best - especially the dark chocolate.
36. I could eat a salad and bread sticks with Alfredo sauce from Olive Garden everyday and never tire of it!
37. I love to redecorate and paint.
38. I don't like to wear anything between my toes.
39. I cannot stand to wear a necklace.
40. Although my ears are pierced, I wear clip ons.
41. I cannot stand kitchen clutter and gadgets.
42. I don't care about cars - never have been one to ohhh and ahhhh over them.
43. I treasure being a mom.
44. I love being 40 - it has been one of the most relaxed stages of my life.
45. I am a giver - I love selecting presents for others.
46. I am a LONG RANGE planner - I love knowing what is coming up.
47. I am addicted to scrap booking and taking pictures of my family.
48. I love traditions - I have so many Christmas traditions that it is hard to squeeze them all in.
49. Teaching is my passion - it is what I was born to do and it has never seemed like work to me.
50. I thrive on relationships and probably couldn't say a word if you tied my hands behind my back!
So there you have it - 50 things about me - whew - I have to come up with something more creative for the 100th......
Have a great evening!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day Remembrance

My son and I experienced a real treat today since it is state law in NC that on this day, we are out of school to celebrate Veteran's Day. This morning we had breakfast with my almost 90 year old grandparents. Our conversation ranged from todays tv shows, to an upcoming cataract surgery for my grandfather to tales of his service during WWII to their childhood memories. My grandfather was a cook in the Army during his tour of duty - which included time in Africa and Italy.

While my grandfather was serving his country in Africa, my father was born. Can you imagine being drafted during your wife's first pregnancy and returning home when that child is almost 2.5 years old? Especially when communication was so limited. My father still has the telegram that my grandfather received in Africa announcing his birth. It reads: Son born. All well. (Seems that the message was brief due to the cost per letter to send the message.) Amazing, huh?

It is also amazing to me (especially since I have a gazillion pictures of my son) that my grandfather saw only one photo of my father prior to meeting him when he returned home. It was taken in my grandparent's backyard. My dad was sitting on the family piano stool and he was holding a pack of Camel cigarettes to keep him from crying. Boy, have times changed! Today, that photograph is proudly displayed in its original frame on my dining room wall.

Although my "Mema" grumbles EVERY TIME my Papa begins to share a WWII story, I think about how few opportunities my son will have to soak in the stories that I have heard throughout my lifetime. He told me today that she wasn't proud of him but he was glad that we were....which meant the world to me for him to know that we are - I know in Mema's heart of hearts that she is proud of him but after 60+ years of marriage, they don't always cherish each other as they should.

Be sure to teach your children to honor those who put their lives on the line to defend our freedom. We are so richly blessed in this sure to thank those who have fought to defend her!

God bless you,

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Well, the Buick is being repaired so next week we will be back to a two car family. We are blessed to work together so it has really not been a problem for us. We have actually spent a lot more time together and communicated more about our daily plans. (Not that I desire to be a one car family, but we made it work well for the short period of time.)

Our child is being baptised tomorrow morning so we have a lot of family coming in today for the special event. At least the house is really clean and I can get busy planning how I am going to decorate for Christmas. Yes, I know , I get pressured to do it early when I see all of the decorative items in stores....I adore Christmas! I have been and always will be a kid at heart.

Well, enjoy your day and your worship tomorrow!